100daysofscouting day 12

Spent the late day picking up sandpaper to get moving on pinewood derby car. 29 days to race day.

For the most part, just a lazy Sunday.


100 days of Scouting: Day 11 – The big day arrives

What a fantastic day. Personally and Scouting-wise!

I spent the beginning of the day becoming better acquainted with a good friend during a cooking class.

That was cut short so I could attend a walk-through for our Blue and Gold Banquet.

Then off to That Fun Place for a birthday party for my son’s BFF. Big fun was had there while we could stay.

Thanks go out to my fantastic wife. She dropped us at the school for the B&G just in time, then stopped by home to pickup the loaner Flip cam from the council among other things. She is pretty darn good to me. For the most part the evening went very will with only a couple minor hiccups. Good food, good times and fellowship were shared by all. Good end to a great day.


100 days of Scouting Day 10: Prep, prep, prep

Woke up early with the plan to get my son and his science project display to school. But mother nature had other plans. First a 2 hour delay, which escalated to a full snow day. Just another instance of life going on. There is no control, only the illusion of control.

Took some time today to rework the display about communications for the Blue and Gold banquet. Just about have that wrapped up.

This evening was spent with the fam, watching a movie.

Life is good.


Day 9

Pulled together some resources for a display for Blue and Gold. That’s it. Really!

Yours in Scouting,

Day 8 in the Scouting world.

Day 8 was a good Scouting day.

It started with a phone call from the committee chair. She was offering to lighten my burden and take over the planning of the Arrow of Light and crossover ceremonies. I thanked her, offered any help she might need and started checking my email. Surprise! The OA adviser found ceremony teams for our Pack as well as two others. Talk about a miracle worker! I spread the word to the relief of the Pack leadership. Disaster averted. Now, to make sure that future planners always have a plan B. Experiences like that can only be constructive if you learn a learn from them. I know I did. Now let’s pray that the people who I pass it along to value the lesson we learned.

Dropped my daughter at Girl Scouts for a Mexican fiesta dinner that completed the Troop’s work on the cooking badge. (Shame on me, I’m not as sure of the GS badge names.) Looks like we’ve got a couple of cookie booths in our future. The Troop leader is asking the girls about continuing next year as they move into junior high. Thinking of moving the meetings back to once a month, allowing the girls more time for other activities as well as more independent work on badges and accomplishments. I like it. It’s all part of growing up. Also thinking of working a local pre-July 4th festival as a fund-raiser for the girls. Sounds like fun and a lot of work.

Semi-non Scouting, I ran for the 5th day with my son. We have two goals. He loves his football and wants to stay in shape by running track this Spring. I want to get below 260# for the first time in years. Not only to be a good example, but I want to be able to go on high adventure trips with him. That’s only 4 or 5 years from now. I need to change now. I began using Couch to 5k app for my phone. Get off your butt and move!

Totally non-Scouting (unless you count the mileage we should all be claiming) Our taxes have been filed! Yay! Science fair project for the boy is almost completed, just a few items to help him paste on the board.

Now, to finish the technology demonstration board for the Blue and Gold! 😀


100 days of Scouting – Day 7

Day 7 came to a close with me having the ceremonies I wanted to use selected. Thanks to all the folks in Scouting that offered resources unselfishly when I put out the call for help. I received more suggestions and offers of materials and resources than we could have used in 5 Blue and Golds! Nothing like a crisis to find out who you can really count on. Scouting truly is a fraternity. For all of you out there that are experiencing trouble running your pack or troop or crew, hang in there. There is help to be found. Be a friend to others and keep asking for help until it’s provided. Don’t forget to rely on your own resourcefulness. You’re better than you know most of the time.

Had a great lunch with our D.E. Just a getting to know you kind of thing. We are experienced scouts and as it turns out, brother Eagles, so that’s always good for breaking the ice in a Scouting conversation.  If you’ve not gotten to know your D.E., take the time. It’s a conversation worth having. They get paid to have your back and help you put on the best program for your unit. If they can’t help you directly, sometimes their best help is knowing people. They should know just about everyone in the district. If they haven’t seen what you’re going through, chances are, they can give you the contact info for someone who can. Get to know your D.E.

I said it yesterday and I’ll say it again, to day, Be Prepared. Have a plan B for whatever you are doing. Or, make sure whomever you have asked to plan it has a plan B.

Yours in Scouting,


#100daysofScouting Day 6

A little over 24 hours ago, I was happy in knowing I was getting my taxes wrapped up, spending a little family time on the couch, with no plans to conduct any ceremonies for the pack Blue and Gold this Saturday. Then came the call.

Fast forward 24 hours. If you ask me where to find a ceremony for B&G AoL and Crossover, I could probably tell you. And tell you which ones look the best in my opinion. We’re well on our way to having a good ceremony picked out. Plans will be pulled together Tuesday morning. Materials will be pooled starting in the early afternoon and the elbow grease will begin to be applied.

Girl scout cookie deliveries tonight. A little fellowship with my mother-in-law’s BFF. (both are amazing women. Lots of fun and hearts of gold. Remind me to tell you someday of how lucky I am to have the mother-in-law I have.)

The alarm clock is going to ring early for my run with my son. Gotta drop the weight so I can go on high adventure stuff with him in, wow, just 4 or so years. Goodnight, Scoutland!